Acupuncture: The Effective Treatment That you have Never Tried

Added 16/6/2012

Particularly in the civilized world, eastern medical practices are shrouded in mystery; and perhaps rejected as superstition or inept. It's lead to minimal market using an existing base of medicine that is getting researched, perfected, and practiced. Though based in traditional philosophy, acupuncture has evolved into a powerful medical practice that's spearheading the push of Chinese Medicine in to the mainstream.

When people say that acupuncture is rooted in belief, they're speaking the facts. The original explanation would be that the body features a flow of life energy through special channels that connect the main organs. Living energy, or Qi (pronounced chee), flowing through those channels (meridians) creates an equilibrium state that may be upset by blockages or unbalances in flow, which causes illness and disease. Acupuncture seeks to free or control the flow of Qi to revive the equilibrium and promote health.

As the western mind may immediately dismiss this as a possible eastern conceptualization from the archaic "humors," in fact the concept of acupuncture was to something powerful. Which is, the stimulation of specific points and glands on the human body will facilitate certain biochemical, hormonal, and physiological reactions. The stimulation of these sensory receptors (sometimes with a mild electric impulse) will be sending specific information for the hypothalamic-pituitary system inside the brain. This elicits the production of endorphins, an all natural hormone that is a stronger painkiller than morphine, and serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects mood and disposition.

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To deal with the skepticism that derives from western medical cynicism, studies are constantly being repeated and refined to further explore the extent by which traditional practices work. Studies around the utilization of acupuncture to deal with chronic migraines and headaches have shown that almost all candidates experienced favorable results, reporting decreased utilization of pain medication and much less missed times of work. Furthermore, many reported total cessation of symptoms, making the therapy an effective way of headache relief and migraine relief. Another study firmly links acupuncture as a good approach to TMJ treatment (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder).

Not merely for headaches and minor discomforts, acupuncture might help in managing a few different pains and maladies. The planet Health Organization officially recognizes acupuncture as strategy to numerous ailments including respiratory disorders, digestive complaints, neurological disorders, and reproductive or menstrual issues.

If you feel you've got tried everything to control your pain, most likely you have not tried chinese medicine. Effective, albeit unconventional, acupuncture may be the step to successful treatment that you've sought for so long.

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